24 Dec 2019
SONG SAA Private Island

SONG SAA Private Island



Situated within the pristine, turquoise water of Cambodia’s Koh Rong archipelago, two islands Koh Ouen and Koh Bong lie side by side, locally known as Song Saa which is Khmer for ‘sweethearts’.



It was in 2006 whilst travelling Cambodia’s southwest coast that owners Rory and Melita Hunter discovered this hidden paradise and decidedtocommittheirtime,energyandexpertise to the preservation of the archipelago which would face imminent destruction if conservation measures and sustainable development practices were not initiated.


In 2008, Rory and Melita began building Song Saa Private Island, Cambodia’s first luxury coastal resort ensuring that every aspect of the development was underpinned by a deep commitment to sustainability, applying their philosophy of ‘luxury that treads lightly’ to their 27 luxury villa resort.



Built from sustainable materials and in perfect harmony with the natural environment, the resort for those in search of a discrete island hideaway the two bedroom Royal Villa has its own private jetty for speedboat arrival and offers exceptional levels of luxury and privacy.



Guests may also choose to immerse in natural or cultural encounters led by the resort’s Song Saa Foundation which was launched after setting up Cambodia’s first marine reserve. Guests can snorkel amongst vibrant corals, kayak through mangroves and beautiful unspoiled coves.




The Foundation supports conservation, education, healthcare and community initiatives for the archipelago’s 2,500 local inhabitants as well as the region’s unique flora, fauna and marine life.



Song Saa offers guests the option of Room & Breakfast Rates and seamless All-Inclusive Rates. Their ‘Always Included’ pricing policy: one price, per villa, per night, allows guests to enjoy their stay without having a care in the world. All meals, house wines and spirits, beers, non-alcoholic drinks and villa mini bars which are restocked daily are included. Speed boat transfers between Sihanoukville port and Song Saa Private Island are provided by the resort, along with guided tours of the unique terrestrial and marine environments of Song Saa’s twin islands, use of the resort’s kayaks, sailing boats and snorkeling gear.





To reach Song Saa Privaate Island, there are directflightsfromHongKong,Taipei,Guangzhou, Shanghai and connecting flights from Beijing to Siem Reap and Phnom Penh. From Ho Chi Minh City: Cambodia Angkor Air operates flights between Sihanoukville and Ho Chi Minh City. The 1-hour flight ties in well with Song Saa’s luxury speed boat transfers (45 mins) to and from Sihanoukville Port.






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